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Home 2 Home Landscaping

Vancouver, BC, Canada

About Our Company

We have been designing and deploying customers' dreams in their outdoor spaces since 2008. We are fully competent and capable in both soft and hard landscaping, which you will see more about in this website. We care a lot about the quality of the work we do, and are very professional. We work all over the Lower Mainland. 

The people who work in the company are experienced. For large residential or commercial projects, we're proud to partner up with other very good companies. 

We offer free consultations and free estimates, and we go beyond your expectations within your timeline and budget. We offer very good customer service with up to a two-year warranty.

We look forward to meeting you.

"The Home 2 Home Landscaping team saved my yard from the hillside that was sliding downward behind my house. They used a Bobcat to clear the dirt and rocks and built permanent retaining walls along the whole length of the yard."

Previous Customers


Mink Lash Boutique

Vancouver, BC

Planted a roof garden on top of the parking lot, and built a large retaining wall beside the building.

Turner Street

Vancouver, BC

Paved a wide expanse between two houses, set up a patio area with two outdoor steps, built retaining walls for large garden areas, and created a path between two other houses.



North Langley, BC

Covered a garden areas artistically with paving and natural grass.

Blackwood Lane

White Rock, BC

Created a rooftop area for relaxation with artificial turf and tiles for roof and balcony.



North Vancouver, BC

Designed and built large retaining wall with natural stone, and the whole staircase with large natural stone pieces.

84th Avenue

Delta, BC

Laid a large area of paving stones for this company's beekeeping business. Created retaining walls and stairs.