Soft Landscaping

'When my flowers from last season were over, Home 2 Home recommended a brand new arrangement of complementary flowering plants. They implemented such a successful garden design that I'm going to have them come every year to plant a new garden."

Backyard Washing

Maintenance and Pressure Washing

We take care of all your ongoing gardening needs, from lawn mowing to replanting. Pressure washing is very popular, and we have all the equipment necessary to keep your outdoor areas clean.

Garden or Landscape Design

We will take your ideas and dreams for your garden or landscape areas and recommend plants, bushes and trees for short term and long term planting and beautifying. We will consider soil type and other appropriate features in the design.


Planting and Shaping

We will plant perennials for long-term enjoyment, and replant annuals each year for variety, continual freshness and upkeep to your garden. Our team is able to trim your bushes and trees to keep a natural presentation and well kept appearance.

Lawns and Seeding

We can prepare the lawn you want from sod replacement to tilling the soil and removing stones and unwanted materials, choosing the right grass seeds for your soil type, seeding, and marking off the area while the lawn is growing or settling in. We can also come and mow the grass for you.

Golden Leaves

Spring & Fall Cleanups

In spring when things are starting up, we can get things going for you and plant vegetables, flowers and seedlings, and prune new growth from bushes and trees. We can clean leaves from drainage areas. In the fall we can close things down in your garden properly, and rake up leaves.